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"Our lives were turned upside down when our youngest at 18 months of age was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We thought for sure one of us would have to quit our jobs to care for him. The thoughts that ran through our heads, how are we ever going to find anybody willing to care for our son and take..."

Joella Hill

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"We enrolled our daughter at Martin Luther Child Development Center when she was 12 weeks old and I had to return to work. The baby days were hard and I stressed a lot about the details, but the teachers and directors were always understanding, responsive, and willing to find a solution to accommodate our needs. I very much appreciate their support during this transition time. Now that she is older, I stress less, and enjoy so much about our school. She is learning many new things every day and often chatters about her teachers and friends when we are at home. She is always happy to see me at the end of each day, but is just as happy to go to school each morning. The teacher often have a cute story to share about her day and keep track of the details (what and how much she eats, sleeps, diapers, mood, etc...) on a daily sheet which is helpful too. I enjoy chatting with them each day and typically ask lots of questions which they always seem happy to answer, either in person or by phone if I call for a quick check-in. So many of the other teachers and staff, many of which are in other classrooms and I don't know personally, smile and say hi to our daughter when we pass in the hall, stop to ask how she is doing, grab a high-five, or ask for a hug. They all know her by name! On the practical side, the 6AM-6PM schedule and 2-meals plus 2-snacks is so convenient since we both work long days and have a commute too and she is often there for 10 hours or so. It's nice to have that all included and only have to worry about dinner on busy weekdays. I feel that she is very well cared for while she is there and hope to have her continue at MLCDC for as long as we need." Anonymous Stoughton, WI

"My children are my greatest treasure. Choosing a place for them to spend their days away from me while Iím at work is not a decision I take lightly. Iím so pleased we found Martin Luther Child Development Center. The preschool age program was filled with enriching programming and a nurturing environment that helped get them ready for the structure of a school day, while still allowing them to be little children and have lots of time to learn as children do best, through play. When it was time for my kids to start kindergarten, it was so reassuring to me and them to know that they would still have the familiarity of MLCDC wrapping around their school day. The school age program offers an after school environment that is safe and structured and provides an opportunity for positive peer interaction, continued learning, and physical activity. And as a mom who works outside the home full-time, I appreciate that MLCDC offers care on most days off from school, and also on snow days when I would otherwise be scrambling for care. The summer program is amazing Ė they go on weekly field trips and get to have all the fun summer adventures I wish I were having: swimming, bowling, theme parks, etc. Along with all that fun, the summer program offers a chance to continue learning all summer with structured and engaging lessons. I love that the summer program balances a whole lot of fun with a continuation of the routines that promote success during the school year. But really, what gives MLCDC a special place in our familyís heart is the people. Every single staff person is friendly and kind to my children. They walk down the halls and want to hug every staff person they encounter, and are always greeted by name. Even when they struggled with behavior, staff was flexible and open to trying new things. My children know that there are loving adults at MLCDC who want to hear about their day, care about their feelings, and want to help them learn and grow. Itís so reassuring to know that while Iím at work missing my kids, they are at MLCDC having fun, learning, and feeling loved." Mia Croyle Stoughton, WI

"My son has been attending MLCC from the age of 12 weeks and is now going on three. We have found our experience very positive and comforting knowing our child is in good hands. As he has moved up into the different rooms all of the teachers have been wonderful. I can tell that they really do care about each and every child even after they leave their room. I am also pleased with the learning activities they plan and interaction he has with other children. I would and have recommend MLCC as a daycare center." Tovah Steinhofer Stoughton, WI

"Our lives were turned upside down when our youngest at 18 months of age was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We thought for sure one of us would have to quit our jobs to care for him. The thoughts that ran through our heads, how are we ever going to find anybody willing to care for our son and take on that responsibility, let alone how are we going to trust others to care for our son and the many other thoughts that run through a parents head when your child is being diagnosed with any chronic disease process. I was determined to find a child care center as I wanted to stand strong for my child as he will later see that I didnít give up and quit my job, that it doesnít have to run our lives or his and that we can and he can live just like any other family or kid facing the challenges of a chronic disease. So I started with what I was familiar with and that was MLCS. I went there as a child myself for Kindergarten- second grade, granted I knew a lot had changed over the years but for them to be around as long as they have I knew they had a good reputation. I called MLCS to just ask if they would even consider caring for a child this young with diabetes and when the director, Julie, with no hesitation in her voice said absolutely they would be comfortable with that and they care for multiple children with different health issues, I believe I started crying in relief as I was expecting to be turned away and thatís when this complete stranger on the phone that I had never met before started in her own way consoling me and probably didnít even realize it. After that phone call I was more determined than ever that we would make it through this and that I could trust in others to care for him and that MLCS would be the place for them, about 4 months later both my boys were enrolled at MLCS. I provided the education for them, and we touched base regularly. Not only was MLCS more than willing to take on this challenge and dedicate the time for education to learn about diabetes to provide the care for my son that he deserves is that they treated him equally just like any other child and that meant the world to us. Not only did they surpass my expectations in caring for my son with diabetes they surpassed my expectation in the day to day care, love, and support they provided both my sons. The early childhood curriculum that has engaged and taught them throughout every day is incredible (art projects, reading, field trips, interactive play areas that create imagination and creativity, sensory, time out side); these beginning academics have made the transition into kindergarten more inviting for my boys. They provide family centered events/parties, a newsletter, student progress reports, and a brief introductions to religion and Spanish. Both my boys also participated in the 4k program at MLCS. The teachers and staff are all amazing. Today my sons are more independent, kind and caring because of them. Thank you MLCS for your responsiveness, attention, and support over the years." Joella Hill Stoughton, WI